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New release

· One min read

This latest release, rolling out on 5th October, is packed with enhancements aimed at improving user experience.

What's New in the Update?

  • Enhanced Reliability and Security: We've upgraded key components of our platform to bolster both reliability and security, ensuring a seamless and safe experience for all users.

  • Seamless Payment Processing: Subscribing to Figlinq is now smoother than ever. We've enabled payment processing, including support for 3DSecure payments, to facilitate hassle-free sign-ups.

  • Fresh System Icons: Immerse yourself in the new aesthetic of Figlinq with our revamped system icons, contributing to a fresh look and feel of the platform.

  • Improved Email Notifications: Collaborating just got easier! We've enhanced email notifications for collaborators without Figlinq accounts, ensuring smoother communication and workflow.

  • Resolved Bulk File Move Issue: We've fixed an issue related to bulk file move operations, streamlining your data management process.

This update reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction. We're excited for you to experience these enhancements first-hand!

Date: 05.10.2023
Release: 2.6.5
Feedback: As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions for further improvements at or Feedback Forum.