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Introducing Interactive Web Embedding

· One min read
Figlinq Official Website

We're thrilled to announce an exciting feature in our latest update, Figlinq 2.6.0 - the ability to embed external websites directly into your figures! Now, when you add static images to your figures using our figure editor, you can link them to any external webpage. The magic happens when these figures are switched to interactive mode: the linked webpage comes alive right within your figure, thanks to an integrated iframe!

Imagine enhancing your research visuals with live interactive visualizations, streaming videos, or dynamic tools, all seamlessly integrated into your figures. This new functionality opens a world of possibilities for researchers looking to present data in more engaging and interactive ways. Dive into the new era of dynamic research presentation with Figlinq 2.6.0!

Date: 20.07.2023
Release: 2.6.0 Feedback: As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions for further improvements at or Feedback Forum.