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Talk to your PDFs using AI

· One min read

We are excited to unveil the launch of Talk2Pdf on Figlinq. This innovative feature is set to redefine your experience with PDF documents, blending convenience with cutting-edge AI technology.

What Does Talk2Pdf Offer?

By uploading your PDF documents to the Figlinq platform, you unlock a realm of interactive possibilities. Now, you can directly ask questions to your PDFs and receive instant answers. Talk2Pdf brings this innovative capability to life! Our AI assistant stands ready to address your inquiries, delivering precise answers sourced directly from your uploaded documents. This feature elevates your PDFs from static files to dynamic, engaging resources, transforming how you interact with your research materials.

Experience the future of PDF document interaction with Talk2Pdf on Figlinq. It's not just a feature; it's your new smart partner in research!

Date: 19.10.2023
Release: 2.7.0
Feedback: As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions for further improvements at or Feedback Forum.