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Data analysis overview

Feature under development!

This feature is not yet supported, but will be very soon. Please stay tuned!

Data analysis in Figlinq is based on the simple concept of formulas - very similar to the implementations in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Formulas can be chained, so that complex calculations can be performed using multiple simple formulas applied in sequence. Figlinq additionally features a specially designed formula bar which facilitates cell range selection and formula parameter input.

Formula-based calculations in Figlinq are based on the Formula.js javascript library and performed in the browser (the data is not sent to our servers).

General formula support#

The range of general formulas available in Figlinq is similar to that offered by Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. For a full list and description of all individual formulas check this documentation page.

Statistical formula support#

We applied the same concept to statistical analysis, which (in contrast to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) can thus be simply performed using dedicated formulas! For a list and detailed description go here.

Future upgrades#

We intend to keep extending the formula support in the future, so please let us know by email if you would like to include any useful functions!