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Sharing is a way for others to view your content that is either public or available via a secret link. For more information about sharing, see the previous section. When collaborating, you grant others the permission to edit the content as well. It is an easy way for more than one person to work on the same chart, figure or data grid, while it remains private (and thus inaccessible to the public).

Note: your collaborator(s) will need an active Figlinq account.

Adding & removing collaborators

To add collaborators in

My Files

area, click the icon, click the "Collaborate" tab and type or paste the email address(es) of your collaborator(s), or their Figlinq user names. You can choose to send them an automatic confirmation email, and whether they will be able to edit or only view the shared content. All current collaborators will be listed on the bottom of the window, where you can also remove them.

Note: removing a collaborator from a chart will not remove her from the connected data grid(s).