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Organizing content

This section describes how content can be organized inside of the Figlinq platform.

Regular folders#

Figlinq allows organizing data, charts and figures / dashboards in folders and subfolders. Folders can be managed in My Files area.

To create a (sub)folder, simply click the "Create" button in the top menu, and select "Folder". You can create as many folders and subfolders as you like to organize your charts, figures and data grids.

Creating folders

Special-purpose folders#

'Shared with me' folder#

This special folder lists all content that has been shared with you by your collaborators.

'Recent' folder#

This special folder lists all recently created of modified content.

'Favorite' folder#

This special folder lists all your favorite ('starred') content. To mark your, or someone else's, content as favorite, you need to add a star when you view this content online.

To view your own content, hover with your mouse cursor above a data grid, chart or figure item and click "Viewer". This will open the content in viewing mode in a new browser tab. Next, click the star icon under the content to mark it as your favorite. Starring content published by others works in the same way.

Favorite folder

'Trash' folder#

This special folder contains all content that has been deleted. Here you can restore the content to its original location or delete it permanently.