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Sets the trace name. The trace name appears as the legend item and on hover.

In the Name text box, the name can be entered and formatted. This is automatically reflected in the Structure > Traces[link] section and in the legend[link] of the chart. The trace name can be also edited directly by double-clicking the trace name in the chart legend.

HTML tags and CSS formatting can be used to enrich text styling.

Trace Opacity

Sets the opacity (transparency) of the trace.


Only available when two or more traces are present.

The legend is a box in the chart that shows the name and appearance of the trace. Although Legend[link] has its own Style entry, in the Traces > Individual tab, legend can be hidden or shown.

Sometimes (a bug we're working on[link]) the legend pane may disappear from the Style > Traces menu; it can be reactivated through the Styles > Legend[link] menu.

Show In Legend

Only available whenStyle > Legend button is enabled.

  • Show Displays the trace name in the legend; reveals Legend Group popup.
  • Hide Removes the name of the trace from the legend.

Legend Group

Only available when option Show in Show In Legend above is selected.

Sets the legend group for this trace. Traces that are part of the same legend group hide/show at the same time when toggling legend items.


Sets the width of the box in data coordinates. If "0" (default value) the width is automatically selected based on the positions of other traces in the same subchart. Chosing 1 puts each box into a separate column, using 2 makes boxes overlap.

Box Size And Spacing

Box Mode

  • Overlay.
  • Group.

Box Width

The width of the box in % with respect to the width of the box chart itself.

Box Padding

Adds empty space around individual boxes and their points expressed in % of the available space taken up by the padding.

Whisker Width

  • % Sets the length of the line, at the end of and perpendicular to the whiskers as a percentage of the box's width. The width of the whisker line itself is set using Lines > Width below.


Individual data points in the data grid making up the box and its statistics can be hidden, or shown in various ways.

  • Show All.
  • Outliers.
  • Suspect Outliers.
  • Hide.


Only available when Points popup is not set to None.

Sets the amount of jitter in the sample points drawn. If 0, the sample points align along the distribution axis. If 1, the sample points are drawn in a random jitter of width equal to the width of the box(es).


Only available when Points popup is not set to None.

Position of points relative to the main box. If 0 points align with the box center. If 1 or -1 the points align with the right or left box edge respectively. When 2 or -2 the points are beside the box on the right or left hand side respectively.


Only available when Points popup is not set to None.

By default, points inherit their color from the box.

  • Constant The color of points in a trace can be set as a constant using the color picker[link].
  • Variable Allows colors for each point to be defined in a grid column[link].
  • Choose data... Pick a grid column holding the color values with the syntax explained in the standard color picker.

Choose data... option is only available when Variable is chosen first.

Point Opacity

Only available when Points popup is not set to None.

  • % influences the opacity (transparency) of the chosen color and is combined with the Alpha value of the color[link].


Only available when Points popup is not set to None.

  • Constant The Constant size is entered in pixel units. Either use the up and down arrows, which uses one-pixel increments, or type into the size text box to enter fractional sizes.
  • Variable Clicking Variable size opens new set of options, which only become visible after a grid column is chosen. Click Variable, then choose a numerical grid column from the pulldown menu.


Only available when Points popup is not set to None.

Use this option to select the shape or symbol representing each data point.

Border Width

Only available when Points popup is not set to None.
Sets the width of the border around individual points.

Border Color

Only available when Points popup is not set to None.
Sets the color of the border around individual points using the standard color picker[link].


Sets the appearance of the lines that extend from the box up and down, if any.


The thickness of the lines with which the box is drawn, including the whisker lines, mean and median and the borders of the box.


Sets the color of the lines using the standard color picker[link].

Filled Area


Sets the color of the body of the box using the standard color picker[link].


Notches in a box chart indicate the % confidence interval.

  • Show displays the confidence interval as a broken line from the positive confidence interval to the median to the negative confidence interval as a fraction of the half box width.
  • Hide removes the Notches > Width dialog panel and draws the body of the box using straight lines between the ends of the Q2-Q3 area.


Only available when Notches is set to Show.

When 0 (minimum value), notches are not visible. When 0.5 (maximum value), they reach inward to half of the box width, meeting the notch from the opposite side (creating an hour glass without opening). Warning: thick box lines can create unwanted results.



The grid column[link], holding the text to be shown for each item on hover, can be chosen here. Only data-containing columns can be selected.

Filling out this field reveals the Text Alignment popup (see below).

Box Mean

  • Mean Show the mean value in the box.
  • Mean & SD Show both the Mean and the Standard Deviation.
  • None Does not show any statistics.


Hover On

  • Boxes.
  • Points.
  • Boxes and Points.


  • Values tooltips will show actual data values on hover.
  • Template tooltips will show custom-formatted values on hover. This option also enables the template formatting field.


Only available when Values is chosen under Mode.

When under Text >Text[link] a grid area is chosen, Text appears as an extra option in the Show menu to be displayed when hovering over the chart. When hovering over a trace, each of the values from the grid are shown for X, Y, a text column and the name[link] of the trace if their box is ticked.

Text Alignment

Only available when a grid column has been selected under Text.

Sets the horizontal alignment of the text content within the hover label box. Has an effect only if the hover label text spans two or more lines. Alignment of Hover/Tooltip can be set to Auto, Left or Right.